They keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. That’s the promise of Hollister’s new line of all-weather jeans made with LYCRA® fiber. To help spread awareness, we created a two part social media influencer campaign - a photo series and a video.

Assembling a team of content creators from across the country, we sent each of them a pair of these jeans and went to work. The first part of the campaign paired influencers doing similar activities in different weather conditions. We sent each influencer detailed guidelines to help them bring our vision to life. After getting their shots, we combined the pairings into a single asset, showing how these jeans keep you comfortable in any weather. Then came the video. We provided each influencer with a storyboard that showed the jeans in action in all different climates, connecting several influencers into one story.

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Creative Direction / Still +Video Post-Production

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