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Alas, Fanta made its highly anticipated debut on TikTok. We knew 96K stans already (mind-blowingly) followed Fanta on TikTok, so we wanted to launch in a platform-first way: Fanta dancing to a custom-made Fanta song. 


HELLOOO the orange-EST Fanta has arrived to make TikTok all about us! Use the jam and share your extra-EST energy pls + xoxo.

♬ original sound - Fanta


@fanta Does @The Escape Pod Podcast ♬ original sound - Fanta
@biddy If I’m not the extra-est in the room, it’s because I’m not with @Fanta #FantaPartner ♬ original sound - Fanta
@sweetmutuals Lovinggg my bold-est and orange-est look yet with the orange-est @Fanta EVER! ❤️‍🔥Unlock your -EST self with Fanta. #fantapartner ♬ original sound - Fanta
@sweetmutuals @Fanta bold orange-est flavor gives me the boost to be my bestest self! Wanna see how @fanta can inspire you? Head over to their all new Tiktok account to unlock your est-era! #fantapartner ♬ original sound - Fanta Fanta Orange is my muse. ✨🍊This was so fun to make 😂 – Things like your favorite soda can become sources of major inspiration, and for me it is definitely @fanta! #FantaPartner ♬ original sound - Fanta Introducing the Orange-est, Extra-est Maxine with the help of @fanta 🍊!!! #fantapartner ♬ original sound - Fanta


@fanta Sooo we just got READ by a filter, but we can’t say it wasn’t right. #GreenFlagsFilter ♬ Hey It's Me - Official Sound Studio

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